Tracy Pattin

Tracy Pattin Bio

Tracy Pattin is the host of Wondery’s hit show, “Hollywood & Crime.” She is also a creator and producer on the show and has recorded dozens of promos for Wondery’s other shows. Tracy has an extensive background in radio and audio production. She works with Jarvis/Ayres Productions as studio coordinator for their BBC radio dramas. She got her start in the audio world as a voice-over artist and then got involved in the production side where she helped start a post-production company, Video Box Studios, in Los Angeles. It was there that she learned how to record and edit audio projects and then became the podcast producer for where she interviewed, recorded and edited podcasts about the voiceover industry. In February 2020, she hosted the presentation, “From Pitch to Production: Secrets of a Long-Running Podcast,” at the Podcast Movement’s Evolutions conference at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.

She is also a freelance lifestyle, arts and culture writer.She writes for Visit West Hollywood on everything from walking tours (she designed the “Sunset Strip Rock n’ Roll Walk”) to special events and restaurant openings. Tracy is an Old Hollywood expert. Her screenplay, The Garden of Alla, is currently in development. She is also a member of the Alla Nazimova Society.

Recent Work


Hollywood and Crime: Black Dahlia Serial Killers (Wondery) Host, co-creator, co-producer, co-casting director, researcher.

Season 1

1. Bathtub Murder   2. Generous Georgette   3. White Gardenia   4. Vampire Slayer   5. Jane Doe   6. Black Dahlia   7. Red Herring   8. Werewolves   9. The Lipstick Murder   10. Dream Killer   11. Kiss of Death   12. Man Crazy   13. Death Ride   14. Soldier Boy   15. High Risk Behavior   16. A Killer’s Message   17. Stunning News   18. Noir L.A. – Hollywood and Scandals with Martin Turnbull   19. Noir L.A. – Hollywood and Headlines with Joan Renner   20. Noir L.A. – Hollywood and Vice with Tere Tereba  

Season 2

21. Sadist Slayer   22. The Last Stop   23. The Silk Stocking Murder   24. The Best Suspect Ever   25. Missing Persons   26. Cold Cases: Interview with Joan Renner and Jim Clemente  

Later Seasons

  • Young Charlie (6 episodes)
  • The Wonderland Murders (6 episodes)
  • The Dating Game Killer (6 episodes)
  • L.A. Serial Killers (Interview with Joan Renner and retired LAPD detectives, Tom Lange and Bob Souza.)
  • Who Killed William Desmond Taylor? (6 episodes)